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Recital/Performance Gift Ideas


From chopsticks to Tchaikovsky; recitals can be full of proud moments and nerves- for both parents and children alike. With sweaty palms and the eternal wait for the big solo; both parents and children can breathe a great sigh of relief when it goes off without a hitch. Oh the joys and pains! Whether your son or daughter expresses their artistic abilities through classical piano, ballet, jazz or improvisational guitar; it's not much of a stretch to think of recitals as a dress rehearsal for life itself. Whether practice really makes perfect is anybody's guess, but a little gift after the big event is always a nice way to celebrate the day. Encore! Aspiring actors, singers and artists love gifts too.

Gift Ideas
  • Flowers
  • CDs in an inspirational genre
  • Posters of their favorite artist
  • Tickets to a live performance
  • A new instrument
  • Special attire for the big performance
  • Framed photo with a photo from performance day
  • A night at their favorite restaurant
Gift Certificate Ideas
Frequently Asked Questions

I've noticed that many parents at my eldest son's school give their children presents after a recital or other performance. My challenge is that our older son (who is nine) is inclined to theater and music, while our other younger boy is shy. It seems unfair to always be rewarding just the performer. Any suggestions?
In addition to finding little rewards that are related to the independent interests of your younger child, you might also link fun activities or treats as a reward for being a well-behaved part of the audience. For young children, the ability to stay attentive, remain quiet and clap at the appropriate moments is a worthy skill. This might be a way to reward both the older child for performing on stage, and the younger child for "performing" in his seat.

What are some helpful hints to encourage my daughter to keep learning and pursue her potential?
Children loved to be rewarded. It's important for them to see the fruits of their labor. If your daughter seems to have a knack for playing the piano; reward her with concert tickets to the symphony. Showing children 'the greats' in their line of interest can inspire them to become better and want to practice.

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