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Moving Gift Ideas


With prized possessions packed carefully in boxes, people changing locations are often in a mood to travel light. If there were ever an occasion when a gift certificate was called for, this would be it. A gift certificate is easy to pack, and greatly appreciated once the person arrives in their new city. A gift certificate offers the ultimate flexibility and choice!

Gift Ideas
  • Scrapbook
  • Luggage
  • Backpack
  • Moving emergency kit (Packed with useful items that will no doubt be boxed up on moving day)
  • CD or tape for a car trip
  • Snack basket for the trip
  • Multi-purpose tool
Gift Certificate Ideas
Frequently Asked Questions

I'd like to give my friends who are moving out of town a gift, but they are in the process of downsizing and packing. Any suggestions?
What about a gift certificate? It takes up virtually no room, and will be perfect when they arrive in their new town.

My friends are leaving the town we live in. They aren't sure if their house will be ready in time when they arrive in their new area. What's the best way of helping them out since I am not in their new city?
It's easy to purchase credit at a hotel for a one night stay or longer. Your friends will love this gesture as it implies they won't need to impose on anybody else and it should lend a hand financially, since moving to a new city can be very costly.

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